Patna Real Estate Brand

July 08, 2024

Case Study: Patna Based Real Estate Brand

Enhancing Market Reach and Lead Generation for a Patna-based Residential Real Estate Brand

Campaign Objective: Patna Based Real Estate Brand aimed to increase brand visibility, generate leads, and ultimately drive bookings for their residential projects in Patna through a targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

Campaign Details:

Total Ad Spend: ₹69,388.92
Cost per Lead: ₹118.82
Total Leads Generated: 584
Total Bookings: 5

Strategy and Execution:

Audience Targeting: Utilized Facebook's demographic and interest-based targeting to reach individuals in Patna and surrounding areas who showed interest in real estate, home buying, and related topics. Specific emphasis was placed on targeting demographics likely to be interested in residential properties.

Creative and Ad Formats: Developed engaging ad creatives including carousel ads showcasing property images, video walkthroughs of properties, and compelling ad copy highlighting key selling points such as location advantages, amenities, and pricing.

Campaign Optimization: Continuously monitored ad performance and adjusted targeting parameters, ad creatives, and bidding strategies based on real-time data and insights provided by Facebook Ads Manager. A/B testing was conducted to identify the most effective ad formats and messaging.

Lead Generation Strategy: Implemented lead generation ads with optimized forms directly embedded within Facebook to streamline the lead capture process. Forms collected basic contact information from potential buyers interested in receiving more details about the properties.

Results and Achievements:

Lead Generation Success: Generated a total of 584 leads at an average CPL of ₹118.82, showcasing effective targeting and engaging ad creatives that resonated with the target audience.

Brand Visibility: Reached 144,387 individuals with the ads and achieved 535,595 impressions, significantly increasing brand awareness within the targeted demographic.

Booking Conversions: Despite a competitive real estate market, the campaign resulted in 5 confirmed bookings directly attributed to the Facebook advertising efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in driving actual sales.


The Facebook advertising campaign for Patna Based Real Estate Brand, successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing market reach, generating quality leads, and driving bookings for their residential properties in Patna. By leveraging targeted audience segmentation, engaging ad creatives, and continuous optimization strategies, the campaign not only increased brand visibility but also delivered tangible business outcomes in terms of lead acquisition and property sales. The results underscore the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in the competitive real estate landscape, particularly in growing markets like Patna.

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